Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Where is Ali's hair?????

Yesterday, we were eating pizza on base and a little girl (like 7 ish) got excited about Ali's earrings being so pretty to her mom. We could hear her very clearly since she was sitting right behind us. Then she asks us, "is she a girl?"! That was kinda the whole point of getting the earrings. We thought it was pretty funny, especially since Ali was wearing all pink, and had pink earrings and still got questioned. She looks very much like a girl. Oh, to have hair! Someday. Till then, I'll just have to relish not having to comb anything during her "I can't sit still" stage!

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The Claridge's said...

Erin was 2 on the 30th of June, and her hair is not much to speak of either.

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