Monday, July 21, 2008

The Movies and more.

We saw "Hancock" this weekend. I kinda had to, since that is my maiden name. We'd heard it wasn't very good, but I must say I was entertained. The next day I went to "Journey to the Center of the Earth" with Caitlyn and that was fun. We don't get to spend nearly enough time together without the monkeys along, so it was very nice. I am not too picky with movies, and I liked it, even as far fetched as it all was. Caitlyn loved it. Then, we were off to Cold Stone for some very yummy, and very very expensive ice-cream. We plan to make our mother-daughter time a more regular, once a month, and probably standard movie night. The options for a m/d date in Del Rio are seriously limited, so this should work out great! She's starting to like the more chick flicky stuff, so Casey gets off the hook this way!

We also spent a few hours at the zoo, and I am happy to report super behavior from the kids, and my foot and knee problems did not slow me down (well, not very much). The darn lions were sleeping again. The coolest thing was the hippo exhibit. They have a little pond that is visible through a glass enclosure. Both hippos were underwater, and we could see all of them. It was cool to see them swimming and floating around. Ethan's favorite thing was the black goat he got to feed. Alisea freaked out when they got anywhere near her. She cracked me up when she locked her little legs around my torso when I tried to stoop over for her to see them up close! The camera battery was dead, so I have to get the pictures from my phone. I'll add them later.

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