Thursday, April 23, 2009


I didn't even realize it had been a whole month. Where does the time go? Mainly - I figured it wasn't much fun to read stuff without any pictures to look at but I finally found the usb cord for my camera!!

April is a busy month for the Ratliff clan. Casey's mom and Denny came out for a long weekend and Easter. We always enjoy when they visit. Got to spend a night in a fancy hotel on the Riverwalk in San Antonio, which we've wanted to do at least once before we leave here, so that's done! After a quick stop at the Alamo, we headed to Del Rio. We enjoyed a night at the local theater for a Hispanic comedy show. Good stuff. Then the base had some fun Easter activities planned for the kids. It's always fun to watch the kids plow down the field for the thousands of Easter eggs scattered all over - this time, the golf course. The pond was open for kids to fish, and there were activities for all.>

Easter Sunday meant more food - a buffet at the base club and a rack of lamb for dinner - our first attemt at lamb - not too bad, if I do say so myself. the weekend didn't do much for the waistline!

Monday was Ethan's birthday. We took a trip to SA to return Grams and Gramps and then visited Chuck-E-Cheeses for lunch. The gods were with me, as Ali fell asleep just as we arrived - I tucked her in her stroller and got to play with Ethan for a bit, and eat my sandwich. She woke up just before we left, rode a couple of motion toys and we were off.

We celebrated Ethan's 4th birthday the following Sat. in a combined party with his buddy. We had a carnival complete with bouncy castle,snow cones, pinata, games, cotton candy, prizes and more. It was a great time. My friend made the cake for this one, and as an awesome touch, made "popcorn" cupcakes that were so awesome.

I'll do more on the month later - kid meltdown in progress.

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