Sunday, December 7, 2008

Friday, December 5, 2008

My handsome man

He did the funniest thing today. I was working at the computer and he came up to me and said "Do I look handsome?" Well, of course, I said yes (he was still in jammies and he'd taken a handfull of lotion off the counter and used it to smooth his hair down. It was so funny. We washed his hair and got ready for the Christmas party, and lo and behold, here he comes again, with his hair matted to the top of his head. Obviously I didn't explain the difference in lotion and hair products well enough! He had greasy feeling hair all night, but he did look so handsome!
This coat was one of our hot bargains at Mervyn's. Isn't he handsome!

Ethan was so excited to see Santa arrive in the T-38 tonight! Oh, to be young again! Ali even showed a little excitement (for her, this is somewhat rare - our serious little monkey). She was terrified of the big guy when he actually got wihin 10 feet of her!

Good Stuff!!! Good stuff.

It has been crazy, but life is great!
we finally saw the urologist in San Antonio and learned absolutely nothing new, but at least we know we are on the right track. She'll be re-tested in March for signs of improvement with the reflux. Thankfully, she now sees her medicine as a good thing and takes it happily - since she could be on it for many years!

On our trip, we spent an insane amount of money - Christmas shopping and hitting going-out-of-business sales. I have a sense of guilt about taking advantage of poor stores who are practically giving stuff away - but who can pass up 80 percent off at Mervyn's? Not me!!!! It was a fun trip - with a trip to the Natural Bridge Wildlife Park and a return to the zoo (we have a season pass, you see!). Casey and I had dinner and a romantic walk on the River Walk one evening. I love, love, love that Caitlyn is old enough to watch her siblings! Did I say I love it!

We returned home and had a wonderful visit with Pops and Granny Dannie. The kids loved calling her that, and I think she came to like it. Maybe she was just being polite? They drove all the way from Louisiana to spend Thanksgiving with us. We hope next time, we can get more time with them. Alisea really took to Pops and I know they loved getting to know them both better!

I got most of the Christmas stuff up, but never seem to have the time to put the boxes away. I took over the reins for the branch Christmas party on Tues, for a party that is tomorrow! Think simple! And I was in charge of crafts for the squadron Christmas party tonight. Did I mention I don't know how to say No? It's probably pretty obvious.

So that pretty much catches things up.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

lots of info and pictures coming soon

It's been crazy busy around our house, so I have lots to mention - but no time just yet. Stay tuned! Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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