Monday, July 7, 2008

Lots of goings on

Hope everyone had a safe and happy Independence Day. We enjoyed festivities at Randolph Air Force Base. Our kids were so tired by the time the fireworks started they could hardly keep their eyes open, but they still enjoyed them.

Yesterday we took the kids to the San Antonio Zoo. We ended up getting a membership so I can take the kids whenever we want. There were some fun things for the kids there. Ethan got the most excited about an aquarium full of turtles. We've been getting rain, and we enjoyed a cloudy day with a few light showers while we were there. Not bad for a Texas July day!

I am officially off the crutches and cane. Caitlyn teased me that crutches were for hurt people and canes were for old people so I developed a complex about using the cane! Aside from some soreness in my foot, and weakness in my leg, I'm doing pretty good. It feels good to be able to walk normally - well almost.

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Amanda said...

Fellow Zoo Member. WOO HOO. I don't know if I have mentioned this but I happen to love the zoo. I get a 50% discount to your zoo and you get a 50% discount to mine. :)

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