Monday, July 14, 2008

Just 2 more weeks and....

We'll all get to sleep in our own beds, and not on air mattresses and foam cushions.
We'll all fit around the table together when we eat.
The kids can watch a movie at the same time I'm on the internet.
We can park in a garage - and the inside of the car won't be 110 when we get in.
I can cook a meal that requires more than one pan, or a casserole dish.
I can do laundry more than once every two weeks, and in my own house!
Our clothes will be in drawers instead of in piles and suitcases all over the floor.
Caitlyn can make some new friends.
Our "coffee" table won't be 2 stacked rubbermaid bins.
I won't have to drive 8 miles to check out a vacuum cleaner I only get to keep one day at a time.
We'll have pictures on the walls
We'll have shelves for books, bins for toys, drawers for loose items, etc
Etc. Etc.

We are getting so excited to move into our new house.

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