Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Grrrrrrrrr! Need to vent.

Just got back from the doctor- again - with news that explains why my foot has been hurting so badly for the past 5 weeks. Apparently - I have a stress fracture on the calcaneous (heel) that is in the healing stage (thankfully, I'm past the most painful part) AND I apparently have another stress fracture in the 3-4 metatarsals which are currently causing me much pain and swelling. I probably should have been in a boot, and definitely not using my foot so much. I now have to wait a week so another x-ray can determine whether the metatarsals are in fact fractured. This is all very irratating, since I did absolutely nothing to injure them but walk. It seems that because I was completely non weight bearing for so long, that the bones thinned and weakened (a common side effect), and I just happened to fracture mine in multiple places. These usually occur after a fall off of something high (a roof or bleachers) or after hard running with pounding - neither of which I came anywhere close to. Grrrrrrr!!! I almost cried when he recommended I use the crutches for a couple of weeks, at least partially. Knee is doing pretty darn good though, considering. It's also good to have verification that I wasn't just being a baby!

I just hope it doesn't get any worse and that I can walk somewhat normally when we get to move into the house. Okay - thanks for listening.

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