Sunday, June 29, 2008

Some cute kid stuff

We were in Del Rio, AGAIN, this weekend and the kids and I were at the TLF room doing laundry and hanging out while we waited for Casey. Ali decided to explore the cabinets in the kitchen, and found one she could fit into. Then she discovered the pots and pans were in there too, and she had such a good time banging that stuff around!!!
Then she decided to wear my shirt. She actually put her head in intentionally, and got very upset when I tried to remove it. She put it right back on. She has figured out that the camera means to smile, and even at barely a year old, she's a little ham! This is very fun for us because she normally seems so serious and contemplative.
Ethan was hanging out in his stroller to watch Scooby Doo, instead of using the couches and chairs in the room. Doesn't he look handsome?! Notice the band-aid on yellow bear's head. I think it's going to be permanent. He's also got two others!!
The monkeys enjoying the ride home. We just turned Ali around and she loves facing forward. She and Ethan are good buddies and keep each other pretty well entertained. The rest of the time, it's the rear entertainment system. What did parents do before portable movie watching??? I am thankfully never going to find out! We'll see how they do when we drive all the way to Arizona in August!
Caitlyn isn't in any of these because she's in Idaho with her friend Sam for a bit. She got to see her friend Nash in Salt Lake for a few days too. We miss her and hope she's having a good time. I'm sure she'll post to tell you all about it!

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