Friday, June 13, 2008

Crutches - Be Gone!!!! Sorta

It figures that I get the go ahead to lose the crutches, and I find that I still need them, at least partially, because I have apparently developed some sort of tendonitis or something in my ankle and foot. The doc. was a little stumped but the fact is, every step I take feels like I'm walking on a bed of sharp pointy rocks (like it feels when you walk barefoot in a riverbed with lots of jagged edges) and I get shooting pain through my ankle. Anyway - it's a wait and see if it subsides or not thing. Here's hoping it goes away SOON! Poor Casey wants me to be better so bad! He's been getting up for the baby during the night, and early morning since this injury occurred and can't wait to hand that duty back to me!

The knee is doing great! I have 135 degrees flexion back. That isn't expected till much later, so that's awesome.

Looking forward to the weekend.

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The Hancocks said...

Ouch! That sounds like it would really hurt! Glad your knee is getting better! We watched some video footage of Freddy and Ethan when they were babies this weekend! They were so cute! Can't wait to get them together again! -M

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