Sunday, October 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Casey turned a whoppin 35 on Friday (I know, I shouldn't talk!). Time doesn't slow down for anyone! We celebrated Friday by leaving the kids home and going to the movies. Caitlyn baked and frosted a cake and surprised him with it when we got home. She really has a loving side and enjoys doing things for others! Then on Sat. we had a bbq with friends and enjoyed some good company.

This morning, Casey decided to try planting some acorns from our little trees. The kids enjoyed "helping" him.

On a side note: I am back in business with my cell phone and things are good again!


Amanda said...

you are up LATE!!

HDJ said...

Hi Darla-glad to hear that you are all settling into TX and seem to be happy in your beautiful house!

Heather Jemmett

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