Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fall Festival and Stuff

We took the kids to the Fall Festival on base. They had a good time riding the ponies, painting pumpkins, making smores, and much more. Caitlyn has come to realize she's "outgrown" most of the fun stuff, so she was a little bored! We almost got a good family picture, but Caitlyn ditched us for awhile and missed the photo op.

Casey finished the fence, officially. He put the last of the Thomsons Water Seal on and called it good!!! Yeah!!!! Now, what's next on the honey do list???? He's also had the opportunity to take a couple of rides in his buddies' airplanes and has got a serious case of "I want a plane-itis".

I just added a few more pics to the slideshow. I'll start a new one for all the end of October hoopla coming up!

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