Friday, October 10, 2008

T-38 Spouse Taxi

Today was so much fun! The squadron had a spouse taxi day where we got to go through the motions of flying a T-38, and then taxi'd at 90-100 knots down the runway. Trying to make the coms at the right time was the hardest part for me! We toured the tower and other facilities, practiced flying in the simulator, which I landed on the first attempt, I might add! got fitted for the proper gear, had pictures taken at the jet, and finished with a great meal. Even babysitting was provided by the student pilots and IP's who weren't participating in the taxi's. I have never been able to participate in the past for various reasons (being pregu, for example) so this was lots of fun for me. I have a new appreciation for the whole process, and enjoyed being in the jet with Casey.


HDJ said...

Darla-you are so lucky! What an awesome opportunity! Plus, you look fab in your pilot suit!

Heather Jem

The Hancocks said...

How fun! You guys look great!

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