Monday, October 6, 2008

Okay - It only took me 6 months...

To realize, thanks to my sister-in-law, that I am still on Italian time (wishful thinking maybe??) So if you were thinking I'm a serious night owl or something - this is about as late as I get, and then, only when Casey is night flying (guess where he is tonight??)

He really has a pretty cool job. Tonight, he flew with a group of guys to Austin, will have a nice dinner in an actual restaurant without kids, and fly back to go to bed. It's the without kids part I think I'm most envious of. We haven't dared going out to eat as a family unless it involves a play area and a seat with an Ali proof seat-belt. Have you noticed they are always broken???


Amanda said...

ok, i was thinking that it might be on a funky time zone. oh, and those seat belts on the high chairs are always broken. they will always be broken. it is an evil conspiracy. but there is a solution. duct tape.

Lacie said...

Darla- I love your new slideshow! Ali is so big and so dang cute. I am in awe at how grown up Catilyn looks and she is beautiful. I'm pretty sure that Ethan is Casey's twin. His little smile just melts me. Anyway, I'm sorry your feet are always sore too. It's so frustrating!!!

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