Friday, September 26, 2008

My baby has reflux!

We just got the results from some tests on Alisea that confirmed that she has viscoureteral reflux. Basically, urine backs up toward the kidney on her left side and it's not supposed to. The problem with it is that it can lead to kidney infection and possible scarring and other problems over time. The tests were ordered initially because she had a bladder infection and the VCUG test is recommended because she was so little to be getting one. Anyway - its a level 3 out of 5 - she'll be on an antiobiotic in a low dose to prevent infection, and probably be evaluated again in a year to see if it has improved any (it can correct as she grows). We don't think, and surely pray, that she won't need surgery to correct it. We haven't actually met with the urologist yet - so I'll update that if he changes the plan.

I am so sad that my baby has to have this in her sweet little body. On a positive note - she gained almost a pound and a half in the past 5 weeks! She was still under 20 pounds at 14 months and not gaining. She is by far our most active little bugger, but it was a concern. Anyway - she has been getting pediasure and it seems to be doing the trick in helping her put on a little weight. While these are the negatives going on with her, she is really very healthy otherwise. If I moved around even a fraction of what she does, I'd lose some weight too!! The monkey figured out, after just a couple of days, how to get herself onto the trampoline and through the net after watching Ethan climb up on a chair. She gets on, and off of chairs, tables, couches, out of the van, over any obstacle, really, and it is absolutely amazing! Ethan's bed has a slide, and we worried about her getting hurt, but she crawls up, and slides down backward, forward, on her belly, just about any way, just fine. She's fearless. I'm scared to death.


Shaulan and McKay said...

My youngest, Jacob (18 months) also has kidney reflux. He's been on a low dose of antibiotics since birth, and he has regular VCUG's about every 6 months. He is a greade 3 on both sides, and he's about to have his next VCUG in a few weeks. I will tell you that he has never had a UTI, and you would never know he was "sick." so I absolutely believe that your sweetie will be fine, especially after getting some meds. It's always hard to find out that your baby is sick, but this is something that they really can grow out of. let me know if you have any other questions!

The Hancocks said...

That's no fun at all. Macy had to have all those tests done on her at 11 months. No fun! I hope you're still coming down for Christmas. Freddy really wants to see Ethan again!

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