Thursday, September 18, 2008


Ethan took a nasty tumble out of the back of a wagon at preschool on Monday. His nose took the brunt of his fall! He's been a trooper - and his teacher, Miss Sally, said he was very strong and other than some tight lipped whimpering, he didn't even cry. Thata Boy!

Alisea is becoming a screamer! Help. I was mortified at Wal-mart (it really is the only place to buy anything around here!) when she started screaming at the top of her lungs every time we tried to move away from whatever had her interest. And trying to leave - oh boy. Then Ethan got going (no nap today!) and if you could have seen the looks of disgust, sympathy, amusement, etc. depending on who was around at the time. These aren't little screams, they are the kind that leave your ears ringing! We'll be stepping up the "you need to learn to talk" lessons pronto!

Caitlyn lost her cell phone last week. It took her a couple of days to "fess up"- but it's gone. Our dilemma now is that we really liked having her on an electronic "leash". Since she hasn't had one, it's been a pain. How do we teach her to be more responsible, though, if we replace it? We intend to have her pay for a new one, but she really doesn't do anything much to make money. If we wait till she has the money, it could be a long time! hmmmmmm.

Casey left for Las Vegas today for a mini practice "deployment". To Las Vegas???? Whose idea was that?? Seems someone important from base is Carrot Top's brother (you know, the comedian) and they are all going to his show and actually plan to hang out with the guy. That could be interesting. He'll be back Sunday.

We finished the fence!! Well, we do still have to put the pickets on the big gate when Casey gets back, but it would be done if the guy who welded it for us had shown up the six different times he was supposed to. No Kidding, are we in Italy or something??? We seriously waited around for this guy day after day - and he didn't even call to say he'd not be coming. Casey would drive to his workshop, get a new time, and then nothing. He just didn't show. The gate, however, is awesome. Casey designed it with some input from Caitlyn. We know the design was a lot harder than the guy anticipated, so we didn't want to make too big a deal of it, but it looks great! He put it up today - and Casey missed it.

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