Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day and Lellow Bear

Mother's Day is always so nice. It's way better than my birthday, mostly because I don't have to add another year to my already rapidly increasing age, but also because somehow, my family is extra, extra good to me. I must say, though, that I've been waited on hand and foot for 10 days now, so it's been like Mother's Day over and over, but there was definitely more chipperness!!! I am truly blessed.

I have to tell you how funny Ethan has been lately. A couple of days ago, he asked me if I'd use an extra ace wrap I had to wrap his "broken" leg, so I did. A few minutes later, he comes hobbling in with a pillow and asked me if he could sit by me and prop up his leg like me. It was so precious. Then yesterday, his favorite bear, lello Bear (very inventive name for his Yellow Bear, I know) had a broken leg. We put one of Alisea's socks on it, and he made a bed for him in the corner out of his special blanket and propped his leg up too. It is so darn cute.

On another note. I think Alisea will be walking any day. She's taken a step or two forward and then sits down, so it's definitely going to be soon. We got some cute video of her and Ethan in the pool Saturday. Now - how to put it on here.?? If it's on here somewhere later, that means I figured it out.


Lacie said...

I can't believe that is Ali!!! And, I can't believe you guys are swimming. It snowed here yesturday. It's crazy. I hope the knee's doing okay and things are going as expected. Miss you guys!!

The Hancocks said...

Ouch! Your poor knee and weaning! Hope you're feeling better soon! How long til you hit AZ? :)

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