Saturday, May 10, 2008

Come here Ali, Come on!!!

It has been an interesting morning. Caitlyn and Casey are taking a cpr course together (I had planned to do it, but the knee, you know, so Casey took my place so we wouldn't lose the money) which is five hours long plus travel time. As a result, I am holding down (or up) the fort with Ethan and Ali ALONE. Whew! It took me almost an hour to get them both fed, and settled in for a movie. Ali got into Ethan's cereal bowl and that was another 2o minute clean up. I had to coax Ali up near her bed so I could lift her up and in for her nap. She may think twice next time I call her. I must look like quite a sight, scooting along on my rear along the floor in order to get from place to place while carrying anything. I never want to do this crutch thing again! So far so good, though, only 3 more hours and my big helpers get home!!!

Right now, I'm listening to Ethan sing along and interact with Diego. What a precious sound. Those spanish words will come in handy in Del Rio!

Had the stitches removed yesterday and my second Physical Therapy session. Looks good so far. I can fully extend it, which is really important, and have about 85 degrees of flexion so far. Each day gets a little better. I'm amazed at how hard 10 leg lifts are though. Problem is that my legs were both puny and underexercized before this, so now it's coming back to bite me! Dr. emphasized that I should not put any weight on it for the 6 weeks though, and showed me the pictures they took during the surgery. Amazing! I saw the stitches in the meniscus, which were many, and it was a very large tear, so that's the reason for the non weight bearing. I was glad he could repair it, instead of just cutting it away (will be grateful for that in ten years, I'm sure). I now have screws in both knees, holding my new and hopefully improved ACL's in place. Wonder how many metal detectors I can set off!

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