Friday, May 30, 2008

Alisea is walking!

It's official. She is walking. Still not very far, but I think we can definitely say she is walking. Yippee, and Oh Noooo!! It's funny how much you look forward to these little milestones, and then wish you could still look forward to them at the same time! She is growing up too fast.


Tracy said...

Are you kidding me? She isn't even a year old yet. Brennan is 15 months and still not walking.

The Hancocks said...

Yeah for walking! I can't believe she's walking and we haven't even seen here in real life yet! She's so adorable! Fun for Caitlyn to get glasses, she looks so grown up!

Amanda said...

Walking is so cool. But AAAH! I know how you feel. Theresa is crawling all over the place.

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