Saturday, May 24, 2008

Caitlyn gets glasses

Caitlyn is now a fellow "four eyes". She's needed glasses for awhile now, and we finally got her some. Wal-mart was super quick. We were told 7-10 working days, and she had them in 3! I think she looks very grown up and Italian now, and as beautiful as ever. She's in awe at the clarity and detail she can finally see.
I can't help but think about my first pair of glasses. My mom really liked this red-rimmed pair that were HUGE. I had a second pair that were just as big and Owl like. Casey still laughs at just the mention of those things. Caitlyn's are so petite!


Lacie said...

You look so beautiful Caitlyn!!!

Amanda said...

wow. she is all grown up. Those glasses look awesome on her. Who are the pictures of on your slide show?

Tracy said...

Wow, Caitlyn looks great with glasses...and I love the haircut. She looks so grown up now! Miss you guys.

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