Friday, November 14, 2008

Dental report!

The kids and I all had our first dental visits in over a year (Ali's first ever) and I was a little nervous about what the results might be having gone that long! Overseas, they only allow once a year visits. It was not too bad!

Ethan went first, and I swear that kid did everything perfectly! I was so proud of my little man. He just got a reminder to brush twice a day (which he is adamant about doing now) and otherwise clean bill of health. The pediatric dentist was so good with both kids - and bonus - he knew where Safford, AZ was!!!!

Alisea was not happy about being tortured by the toothbrush. She's still anxious anytime she's held in place for anything - who can blame her after the reflux stuff she had to do? Anyway, we got her teeth clean and she got a new purple polka dot toothbrush - so she left happy. She loves to wander around the house sucking on it.

Two days later, Caitlyn and I had our visits. I am happy to report NO CAVITIES!!!!! I do have to have a preventive little filling where there is a pretty deep groove in one of my teeth, but no biggie. Caitlyn was cavity free too, but unfortunatly - the x-ray showed that all of her wisdom teeth are already formed and growing in sideways! BAD STUFF. I waw the x-ray and couldn't believe it! Needless to say, she'll be going in for a panoramic x-ray to evaluate how far along they are and a dental surgeon will look at it to determine how soon to cut them out. Yuck!

Here's a picture of my little man - he's the only one I got a shot of.

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Kristin said...

Hey - we must've been on the same wave-length - we just went to the dentist too! NOT FUN.

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