Friday, November 14, 2008

Ali takes a bath

The other day, I was gettig the bathtub ready to give the kids a bath. I had put the water in and the phone rang or something so I left to get it. Then Ethan yells, "MOM, Ali got in the tu-ub" in his tattle tale voice. Here's what I found when I returned - I swear, this all happened in about a minute.

To make matters even more interesting - She REALLY needed her diaper changed. She has been in the habit, lately, of sticking her hand in her diaper to "show" us when she's ready to be changed - I know - gross - and she did that in the tub while wearing a 15 pound wet and poopy diaper. Well, now I have a soaking wet, poop filled diaper, floaties, in her clothes, in the tub wearing Ethan's backpack full of his toys, and his hat, and Casey's running the opposite direction as fast as he can go.

Needless to say - bathtime was a long process! We'll let you use the other bathroom if you come visit!


Kristin said...

LOL - that is so cute! (Not the diaper part - blechk!) I love the hat and backpack attached.

Palmer Family said...

I laughed, really hard. I'm not looking forward to that stage. I am enjoying the cute semi contained stages still. LOL.

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