Sunday, March 30, 2008

Ugggghhhhh! I remember Now why I REALLY dislike moving!

Would someone please convince my husband that there are women (and men too, probably) who like to clean houses and need the money. I seriously spent 9 hours scrubbing our house today, trying to get ready to out-process, and didn't even get to the bottom floor. Have you ever done a move-out clean with a 9 month old???? Oh, and an almost 3 year old who suffered serious meltdown when he came into his empty house. Casey was a huge help with the kids, to the extent he could be, but that meant we weren't both working on the house. Okay, Can't type anymore, my fingers are literally worked to the bone, and are too tired to type anymore. More later.

Oh, a quick note, we have some awesome friends! Megan and Mark threw us a farewell party with a bunch of our church friends and it was so great. I'll post pics when I'm not so tired.

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