Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Nove and Caitlyn has another ear infection

I took my last trip to Nove today. Bought some awesome Tiffany baskets to go with the rest of my stuff. I can't wait to show it all off. The whole Tiffany collection I've accumulated is probably worth $1000 or more, if I had purchased it in a stateside store (which I would NEVER have done), and I spent, probably grand total, $150-200 Euro for it all (over three years, mind you). I got a few other things too. Now I just need to have some people over to use the stuff with me.

Casey took Caitlyn to the doc. today for ear pain, and her infection is back. She fought taking the other med. because it tasted so bad, and now she's learning mom and dad were right, just cause she felt better, it wasn't gone. Needless to say, now we have to worry about her and ear pain on the flight because her eardrum is so irritated. Urrrrrrrghhhh! Like it's not going to be fun enough keeping track of all of them and our incredible amount of stuff. But that's for another post.

Till next time....

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The Hancocks said...

Ouch! Freddy can identify with Caitlyn for sure. He's had three in four months!

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