Friday, March 28, 2008

Moving Update

We spent the past 3 days having our stuff packed up and crated. We had a whopping 17,yes, 17 crates full of crap (there really isn't any better word to use here!) When we got here, we had 13. What does that tell you????

It feels good to have that hurdle out of the way. Now we just have to clean the house, which is so much easier when it's empty, and meet with the landlords on Tuesday. The weekend will be busy. We are the guests of honor at a squadron farewell BBQ tomorrow at noon, a church open house and game night at 5, and on Monday, another BBQ for the other squadron Casey is attached to. It's crazy times here, I tell ya! We'll be in the TLF (temporary living facility for you non military folk) for 10 days - leaving here the 6th. We'll miss Aviano, for sure, but it's time to move on!

I'm looking forward to single handedly boost the American economy in the next few weeks, buying a van, a house, washer and dryer, bed for Ethan, and lots more I'm sure. It is exciting to look forward to house hunting. We've been renting or on base for the past 10 years, and we're ready to get into something we can call our own!

No pictures here, but I should take a pic. of the aftermath of the moving company. It amazes me that no matter how clean it may appear when they get there, there is always so much dirt and junk hiding everywhere it's downright embarrassing!

More later.......

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