Sunday, October 28, 2007

Kiddos in Costume

We got the kids all dressed up for the church halloween carnival and then took them on base for trunk-or-treat. Italian's don't do the Halloween thing in general, although it is catching on a little. Anyway, there are literally thousands of kids who go through the trunk-or-treat at the base, American and Italian. I got to hand out candy for our squadron "trunk" but the only picture of me is pretty gross. Enjoy the kids though! Caitlyn is with her friend Raquel, beautiful goddesses!
I tried to feed Alisea before I put on my witch costume, but I had already put on my wax nose. She kept looking at me with a very concerned look on her face - and kept stopping her eating to stare at me. It was pretty funny. I got completely back to normal by her next feeding to avoid traumatizing her for life!

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