Monday, October 15, 2007

Alisea is growing like a weed. She is definitely our smallest baby though, petite and beautiful. She is just starting to roll over and has found her thumb. She never would take a paci, and I think the thumb thing is so cute. I hope I don't read this when she's six and I'm not thinking its so cute anymore! I'll get a picture and add it next time.

Casey just returned for Bulgaria. It's nice to have him back so Ethan can haul someone else out of bed in the morning!

We're off to play-group! The joys of having little ones!!!


Amanda said...

I seem to remember with Ethan that you always pulled his hands and thumb out of his mouth. So I see a change of heart? :P

The Ratliff's said...

Not us! We would have loved for him to suck his thumb. He never did. You might be thinking of someone else.

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