Saturday, October 13, 2007

Caitlyn's new armor

Okay - take 2. I already screwed up cause the picture didn't post the first time.

Here's Caitlyn and her beautiful cast. Hopefully just 3 more weeks. And it had to be the right arm! It's hilarious that she can't get her fingernails into her mouth. Might actually reach the top of her nailbed by the time she gets it off!
More to come tomorrow.


deannahardy1 said...

Okay! I am a little dense. What did she do to break her arm?

The Ratliff's said...

Caitlyn fell off of a rolling a/c unit during a game of hide-and-seek. She got up on top to hide behind some blankets and it rolled out from the wall and she used her arms to catch her fall - and wa'la! Best part was that 2 of the 3 base pediatricians were at our house at the time and the other one arrived 10 minutes later for game night!

crankymomof2 said...

Never mind. I got my answer already. Deanna had same question. I guess if you're going to break something, you might as well do when there are Dr's in the hours!

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