Monday, December 7, 2009

Update and hopefully we're back in business

It's been a crazy last 6 months or so - and I sadly neglected our blog but for anyone still interested, I intend to get my act together and keep it updated again. So
quick recap -
Darla's now 31 weeks prego. Baby Sophia is doing well (most definitely a girl)- and may be a "big" baby they tell me. Yikes. The pregnancy has not been particularly fun - more sickness, and probably experienced every one of those discomforts of pregnancy you read about with this one. I've also had to travel 2 1/2 hours 2-3 times a month to San Antonio for OB care with that number increasing now towards the end, so We'll be happy when she's here and healthy. I did have some fun at Halloween and turned my belly into a ball. It was a big hit.

Casey is always busy. He bought a Cherokee 140 this summer and has been instructing his first student pilot in it. He's like a little boy with a new toy.

Caitlyn is an 8th grader and involved in choir and academic meets (UIL. It got crazy so she has temporarily left the swim team till next spring. She's almost as tall as me (mom) (her only goal in life right now seems to be overtaking me) but is not quite there. That does not stop her from regular invasions of my closet! Lately it's "You can't fit into it anyway right now". gee, thanks for the reminder.

Ethan is always our sweet little boy. HE's so smart and fun. He's into legos and transformers and for some reason is hooked on Bionicles although his only exposure was a McDonald's happy meal toy. He's great at looking after his little sister most of the time and I love having him home with me. He's very excited about his new little sister on the way and is learning to read so he can read books to her.

Alisea is our little spitfire. She's got more energy than the rest of us put together and keeps me going all day long. She potty trained herself, picks out her own clothes, etc. and is very independent. She too is excited about baby "totilla". We laugh because she still pronounces Caitlyn like chicken so we'll have chicken and tortilla.

We did lots of camping this summer and I'll put much of it in the slide show.


Holli said...

Hooray! We have missed the Ratliff updates. You look great. I will make sure Brady doesn't read anything about Casey. He is trying to start flying lessons soon. Miss you guys!

Shaulan and McKay said...

Love the update! It's great to see that you are hanging in there! Love the Halloween costume! Now I should go work on updating my own blog!

Becca Juhasz said...

You look good! Love the costume and the update!! Hope you have a happy holiday season!
Miss you all!

Holloway Family said...

Another girl!!! Yeah!!! I am so excited for ya'll.

Ange Smith said...

i'm glad this was updated & i checked! wonderful news about the ratliffs- despite you feeling YUCK, darla!

Daniel and Dixie said...

The Ely's loved the update. Breanna sent her phone through the wash and lost your phone number. She, like Caitlyn, is taller than Mom. Can you email your info to We'd like to get back in touch. Hope to hear from you soon.

The Ely's

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