Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Just in case anyone still looks at this thing

I know it's been forever. I intend to do a long catch up summer post, and get back into the swing of things soon - I promise. In the mean time, here's a tasty tid-bit to tide you over. For those who already know - well - the catch up's coming.

OKAY..... The Ratliff family is adding one more little person to the mix on or around Feb. 08, 2009. Yup, Darla is having a baby. It's quite crazy really, but a happy thing nonetheless. I really can't figure what God had in mind, but it would seem any fertility issues I had in my twenties have done an about face and I have now become fertile myrtle. Here, in writing is my proclamation that there will be NO MORE after this one. We do have a built in baby-sitter, at least for a few more years.

For any of you wondering if we planned this, the answer is Kinda but not really. Since we do know how babies are made, we can't say we were "preventing", but that litle window of opportunity was awfully small, so I am tinking God wanted to send this litte one our way pretty bad. And I think Santa may have had something to do with it.

Early ultrasound indicates probably a boy - I don't really like the name Casey's getting set in his head, so if you have some good ones, throw em my way while I can still change his mind. The kids are all excited. Ali likes to blow on my stomach and points to the general area when I ask her where the baby is. Ethan wants to share his room with the baby. He may have to. And Caitlyn, while wishing for another sister, is excited too. I wonder if she'll want to cut the cord again?

Okay then. Till next time.


Holloway Family said...

That is so exciting!! We are so happy for ya'll. I do still read your blog, no worries there. ;0)

Holli said...

Congrats! That will be so fun with all those Ratliff's running around. Casey included! Keep us posted.

Shaulan and McKay said...

That's crazy- crazy good! Looks like Del Rio the second time is much kinder to you! God know that you are an incredible family! Miss you!

Karen Croft said...

Congratulations!!!! I have a hard time picking boy names. Mine have just come to me at odd times - when I was not really thinking about babies or baby names. And I only get ONE name in my head and that's it - that is what he will be named. No way around it. Oh well- I'm not much help there
:( miss you guys lots!

Ange Smith said...

this is great news, guys!!!

The Vestel's said...

I know this is late...but congrats!!!

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