Saturday, January 24, 2009

We're paci free! and other stuff.

It has actually been 2 weeks, but we are completely pacifier free in the Ratliff house! We went cold turkey (that always seems to work best for my clan) and just stopped giving it to her. I figured it was best to do it before she was old enough to really ask for it. She did fine. Other than laying in her bed a little longer to fall asleep, she hardly seemed to notice. I also managed to get two little pony-tails in her hair this morning. It was pushing it, but she looked so darn cute. I also caught her trying to give her "baby" a drink of her water. I love this age!

Caitlyn is at her first UIL competition. I wanted to go so badly, but it was almost 5 hours away, and too much for the little munchkins to sit through. Anyway, she just finished her oration competition and is anxiously awaiting the awards ceremony later this afternoon. We're keeping our fingers crossed. She also got all A's on her semester report card. We're very proud of her!

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Ange Smith said...

totally jealous!
she's so cute!

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