Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Gift of Gab

We have known Caitlyn had "the gift" since she was a little munchkin. She can talk, and talk, and then talk and talk. Her kindergarten teacher told us - and I paraphrase part of this, that she was such a mature little girl, and very intellegent, yada, yada but she sure is, and I quote "a chatty Cathy"! Nothing changed over the years - always the same thing - she's so smart, so intelligent, but she sure likes to talk! Well, it paid off!!!

Caitlyn got first place in the Oration competition at the UIL (University Interscholastic League) meet. I wish I could have been there to congratulate her on the spot, but we celebrated to make it up to her. She got a chocolate cake with green frosting and Christmas tree sprinkles (it was cheap!, and Ethan picked it) We're so proud of our "orator". Maybe she'll be the first female president -Good speeking ability seems to play a pretty big roll in who gets elected ????

The competition invoved choosing from a list of topics, researching and writing the speech, memorizing it, and delivering it to a panel of judges. She has worked very hard on it and we're super proud!!! Now she will be in the tournament of champions in February against winners in the other tournemants across the state!!!

I don't have time for a picture now, but stay tuned.


Palmer Family said...

Congrats!!! If she is on the ballot I will vote for her!! :) Miss you guys.

Karen Croft said...

Congradulations Caitlyn!!! I am so proud of you!!!
-Karen and Dixon

Holloway Family said...

Congratulations Caitlyn!!! That is so awesome. Good luck with the next meet.

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