Saturday, February 23, 2008

My Valentine weekend (a little belated)

I never mentioned that Casey took me (and the kids, of course) to Verona to see Juliet's house for Valentine's Day. I was starting to worry that I would miss that, which would be the pits, since it turned out to be only 2 hours away! As someone who taught Romeo and Juliet to scores of Freshman for many years, it would have been a sin not to get a picture of her house (even if it isn't REALLY her house) and a picture of Ethan touching the "boob" of her statue. It was pretty cool. The streets leading up to her house from both directions were hung with hearts to mark the path.
On that same weekend, we drove to Slovenia (again) to the indoor water park. I'm finally almost normal in a bathing suit. Alisea had a ball in the water for her first time. Ethan was so much more comfortable in it and loved heading down the slide head first.

And finally, we spent President's day at Piancavallo, 25 min. from our house, where Caitlyn and Casey skiied and I played in the snow with the munchkins. Great weekend. We're definitely trying to squeeze in all we can.

AND..... Ethan has gone 2 days with no accidents. He's even telling us when he has to "go". It's so exciting! and yes, that is what our marble floor looks like. Not gonna miss that.

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Caitlyn Ratliff said...

Great Blog mom! I can`t wait to read any new entrys. See Ya Later!

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