Thursday, April 29, 2010

babies, babies, everywhere!

What was it the neighbor said when he stopped by? "You must be feeling very motherly!" I GUESS! On April 14, 5 baby Rhode Island Red Chicks arrived to the delight of our children. They are Fluffy (Ethan's), Ginger (Ali's), Kyzl (Caitlyn's), Nora (Casey's) and Popcorn (mine and Sophia's technically, but Caitlyn's friend CHrista has adopted and named) They were originally housed inside a filing cabinet drawer in the garage. Now they hang out in a huge dog kennel until the coop is finished in the backyard. We'll be in for it if any of them are not the laying type!

Then, for Caitlyn's birthday, and after years of her begging and pleading, we gave in and got her a Yorkie puppy for her birthday. She named him Xanthos, which is actually a Greek city, but she liked the way it sounded. He's adorable and we have all fallen in love with him.

Then of course there is our sweet baby Sophia who has discovered her thumb!! She's such a great baby, and at the risk of jinxing it, has been sleeping between 7 and 10 hours at night for a couple of weeks now.

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Shaulan and McKay said...

That Sophia is too cute! Enjoy your housefull!

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