Sunday, February 28, 2010

Eating Right

In recent months, the Ratliff family has been making a valient effort to be more healthy - in particular, in the food we eat. Casey has spearheaded this effort and admittedly with much resistance on the part of his wife and teenage daughter who, let's face it, Really like spaghettios and toaster strudel! However, he did not throw up his hands and say forget it; he kept pushing and we have gradually gotten used to the idea.
The hardest part for me is not buying the cheapest brand at the grocery store, but choosing the organic version which is always WAY more expensive, and reading the labels for the least processed, nitrite free, high fructose corn syrup free versions of everything, the grass-fed meat, the fresh veggie and fruits, etc. You ever notice the cheap processed food is much more affordable. No wonder America struggles with weight gain! Anyway - we are working at it, and I am on board. (We do have occassional treats and hot chocolate in the mornings - made from the finest ingredients and sugar substitutes of course!)
Last night, I made beef bourgignon from scratch, and it was amazing. We have fresh bread several times a week, etc. The most exciting thing is, I haven't had a soft drink since Jan 31, and have almost completely eliminated the fast food stops!!! Here's to a healthier life!

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