Friday, May 8, 2009


Don't even remember where I left off, but in a nutshell. Caitlyn turned 13 on the 22nd. Her b-day party was right after Ethan's with water fun and pizza being the theme.

Casey's BIG dining out was on the 26th. It was a huge success, after five months of planning and condiderable stressing. The Chief of Staff, General Schwartz, seemed impressed, as he should have. It was amazing how he and his team of voluntolds transformed the Del Rio civic center into a beautiful banquet hall. The standard Dining Out protocol and meal made for a great evening. I'll post pictures when I get them uploaded.

May 2nd Darla's much smaller branch activity went off well - and was followed by yet another celebration BBQ by the folks who had made it through the dining out in one piece. Casey mastered the art of making sushi - and I even tried some with raw tuna in it and it wasn't bad. Still like the veggie ones better though. We joined our neighbors across the street for a poolside steak party the following night. I think that pretty much has us up to date.

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