Friday, August 22, 2008

What's there to say about Del Rio

Sadly, now that we are settled in here, I'm finding that life is pretty, well, dull. How do you beat an assignment like Aviano (Italy)? Every post was about the new and exciting things we were seeing and doing, the awesome new places we visited, and so on. Then we arrive in Del Rio. The highlight of our week was seventh grade orientation!
Okay - so it's not really that dull. We have met a great family from Jordan who treated the kids and I to a lovely afternoon on a boat at Lake Amistad. I'm sure that will be mentioned repeatedly during our stay here, as it is the main attraction. Maybe I'll take up fishing, and perhaps even get a tan. That's just wishful thinking on my part.
Ethan did make us laugh till I was almost in tears on the way out to the lake. Caitlyn had a little gas in the car and we were driving along and I hear Ethan say "ewwww. That's a disgusting toot!" In the middle of his movie. Caitlyn, didn't even try to deny it. We laughed so hard at the way he said it that Alisea started doing this funny little fake laugh to mimic us. It was a funny moment!
We are finding that the house we bought is literally surrounded by other military members, mostly from Casey's squadron. It's like off base, base housing! The house across the street was just bought by a family with two boys. They are 11 and 13. Caitlyn is 12. And..... they have a pool. Need I say more. More grey hair, that's for sure.
Well, I'll get the camera dug out for some updates soon.

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