Monday, December 3, 2007

Catching Up

After a crazy weekend, I can finally sit long enough to catch up a little. The stomach flu finally finished making its rounds through the family. I think Ethan must have lost 5 pounds. He definitely had the worst of it. Alisea escaped it entirely, and mom pretty much did too.

It has been so much fun this year gearing up for Santa. Ethan is so excited about Christmas this year. I started wrapping the gifts we have so far, and I am amazed at how much we have for Ethan already. He's at such an easy age to please. Now Caitlyn, on the other hand is not so fun anymore because her wish list is movies, music, video games and books. I miss the days I could get her a new Barbie or a baby doll carriage.
Ethan got to sit on Santa's lap at the Children's Christmas party on Sat. and told him his wish list. Thankfully, he still wants the same thing each time we ask. Alisea also got to sit on Santa's lap for the first time, and did just fine. She seemed mostly indifferent.

We are also waiting excitedly for our visit from Grandpa and our new Grandma Fran. They'll arrive on Wednesday.

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